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Eleanore Lamont is Elle Lucy, an open-minded and thrill-seeking DJ who lives firmly by her motto – “oh well” is better than “what if”.  A qualified psychiatric nurse, with a fascination with human nature and the way we interact with one another, Lamont’s introspective and empathetic character draws into her energy in the booth, and indeed the music you’ll find in her record bag.  Somewhat of a purist, Elle Lucy's musical influence originates from entering the 90's dance music scene as a teenager.

  Prior to the digital boom, she spent her weekends on adventures with friends across the West Country, burrowing through local record shops.  She reminisces on these 'special days' and laughs about how you would always find your vinyl in your friends' record bags!  'I once went to visit an old friend in Sydney for a mix, and discovered the first record I'd ever bought had also emigrated to Australia with him!  Like that record, she’s hard to keep track of, traveling frequently and pops up in clubs unexpectedly, both in the booth and on the dancefloor.

Today, her sets follow a theme of atmospheric, emotive,  brooding basslines, and feel good groves… all on top of a pronounced foot-tapping house beat.  Lamont is at her happiest by the sea, accompanied by a repetitive beat and sand between her toes.  A butterfly in her aptitude for making friends and her tendency to flit around at breakneck speed too, Elle Lucy has a fear of stagnation; she is moving, pushing, achieving all the time.

 The summer of 2019 saw Lamont joining the Orbit DJ retreat after a hiatus from the decks. After six days spent being tutored, guided and inspired by industry professionals from all corners of electronic music, by the end of the program Elle Lucy was back, ready to play an iconic Ibiza venue, Pikes, the perfect home for a mishmash of colourful house and disco. The following weekend she was playing Ministry of Sound in London.  Where will she pop up next?!