We settle into our idyllic Ibiza surroundings with some poolside vibes, welcome drinks, a delicious BBQ and open decks for anyone to jump on and get some early practise in before the learning programme begins.

Check into your accommodation anytime from 3pm and get to know the Orbit Team, retreat mentors and the other Orbit attendees.
Plus an introduction to the 5 day learning program from Orbit co-founder Doorly.


The aim of our first full day of the retreat is to evaluate your current level, asses the areas where you want to improve and then tailor the learning experience to fit your needs during the coming days. You will spend an intensive DJ technique session with one of our DJ mentors and will have an intimate 2 hour workshop with your chosen production mentor. You will also spend time with our marketing, branding and industry experts to audit your current profile and will be asked to set some S.M.A.R.T goals for your time at the retreat. 


After our initial assesment day you will be placed into groups of two which will remain your pairing for the rest of the retreat. Your pairing will be based on your current level and your preferred production software. After a healthy breakfast has been digested, you are your new collaboration partner will begin your rotation of intensive workshops with our Orbit mentors. After lunch we begin the second half of the day with an industry insights talk with one of our special guest mentors followed by jumping back into your pairs and continuing your rotation round the DJ technique, production and personal development workshops. We end the day with a voluntary guided meditation and breath work class to calm our minds.


We start the day with an energising yoga sessions, the perfect way to begin an intensive advanced training day. Picking right back up from where we left it the day before, we dive right back into our learning workshops. We delve deeper into more advanced DJ techniques with pioneer equipment experts taking you through all the latest hardware, we start to further develop our understanding of the production lessons from our chosen software and we start to have a better understanding of the direction in which we want to take our artist profile when we return back to the real world. We'll also start to put together tracks, samples and original edits ready for our live performance on the final day. As with the previous day, we'll be joined by an industry leading expert for a sofa talk after lunch and will end the day with more mindfulness and personal development.


We again start the day with a Yoga session for anyone to drop into, followed by getting straight into a full back to back day of live DJ sets. Your technical DJ skills have been elevated, you've shared music with mentors and other retreat attendees, you have new samples and acapellas added to your toolkit and you may have even produced a new track or edit to test out. You're ready to go! The final full day at the retreat is a celebration of everything you have learned and all the connections you have made and once the pressure is off from your live performance, you can either dive straight back into further learning with our mentors, or un wide by the pool with a pina colada. We end the final night with a big party at a location TBA.


Feeling empowered by the knowledge that's been gained and the friends that have been made, we say our goodbyes, pack up our equipment and check out of our rooms at 11am.

But the Orbit experience is not over, we'll continue to remain in touch with you after the retreat is over as we start to deliver your new content including press shots, logo and brand designs, new bio's and your recorded mix, all ready to take to you to the next place in your journey... 


Over the course of the retreat attendees will be set homework and tasks each evening to enhance their learning experience and work as tools during each day of the course. Each day an activity has been carefully devised to optimise the experience for everyone involved.
We will also include talks on protecting your mental health in the music industry, Starting your own club nights & record labels, group exercises, mindfulness and group Q&A sessions with our headline guest mentors.
This all sounds like a lot of learning, we know! But don’t worry, everything about our retreat is designed to leave you feeling rested, inspired and motivated, from the food to the additional activities such as yoga, mindfulness and some quality downtime together as a group. You’ve worked hard to treat yourself to this trip so we want this to be as much of a holiday for you as just an educational activity. And above all you will make new connections on this retreat that will become friendships and business relationships alike to last the rest of your life.
Previous students have signed to our mentors record labels, been booked for shows globally, taken on by our team for management or introduced to major labels with their tracks. If you have what it takes, we will help you get there faster, if you haven't yet, then we are here to teach you, by superstar international headline DJs who have been exactly where you are at some point in their career.


We are Hummingbird is a non-profit community of music lovers who have united to spread awareness of mental health by using music as a platform to encourage people to open up and engage in conversation.

We'll be joined by Ian Hurst, co-founder of the project and highly skilled communicator and public speaker on Mental Health  and wellbeing. He'll be delivering a number of sessions over the course of the retreat focussing on ways to look after your mental health as a artist in the music industry and will also be available for one on one sessions at request.