If Orbit has to change dates due to Covid, a 100% refund will be provided.

If you are unable to attend, all payments made are non refundable. However, depending on the validity of the reason you are unable to attend , your travel insurance policy may refund some or all of the cost of your package. 

If required, we can provide a booking statement that shows all payments made. 

One of our co-founders Doorly answered this question for us and here's what he said –

”I started my career in a bar collecting glasses, I absolutely loved music and was collecting records at home and one week the opportunity finally came up when the regular dj never showed up and I bravely stepped in to cover having never played to a venue or people before. I managed to get the gig on a regular basis and was soon playing 6 / 8 /10 /12 hour shifts and pushing myself and teaching myself all the time. 

I wish i had someone to show me the ropes then that would have fast tracked my learning and help me avoid some big mistakes along the road of DJing 20 years later Im now a global ambassador for Pioneer but still learning constantly and looking at my peers and industry leaders for inspiration and new challenges. 

There’s no level that is too basic or too advanced to join us."

We have taken over the beautiful complex of Bogamari in Ibiza with an intimate and exclusive feel. 

All places available are shared accommodation. Some shared accommodation has multiple private rooms, others do not. If you are booking with a group of people, we advise that you book the number of places available in that room, however you can also book single places in shared accommodation, and you will be placed with another Orbit Student.

As there are a variety of sleeping options in each of the rooms including king sized and single, there has been varied price points for the students wishing to have a king-sized bed.

Please note rooms are not mixed gender unless stated.

We support and appreciate all genres and talent and will match the tutors to the attendees. The mentors are carefully selected from all different angles of the music industry. 

Bring along any items you typically use in your sets or production - Laptop or Macbooks / sd cards / usbs / hard drives / current projects you’re working on even goals and targets you have made and want to achieve. 

Of course. The retreat is open to all levels and genres for production performance and presentation.   

Aside from improved production and performance knowledge and experience you will have an up to date EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to present to promoters / managers / agents including new press shots, branding including logo, one sheet and an artist profile page set up on our website and many new connections with your retreat peers. 

If you wish to begin production this is the perfect opportunity to have someone on one time with our certified production tutors. If your goal is to polish your performance we can tailor the curriculum to give you bonus performance tutorials. 

Social media is always changing and people are always learning so you won't be at a disadvantage with little or no past experience with social media or a current social media presence. We will have an expert on hand to support you setting this up and up skilling. 

The days curriculum are designed to utilise your time with us for optimum gain for each attendee. We allow our students to venture into Ibiza on the evening and request that each student be respectful to their surroundings and fellow Orbiteers. 

We also encourage you to work as a team and learn from each others strengths each evening that allows you to add to your knowledge. 

The packages do not include travel insurance. As part of our terms & conditions you agree to purchase your own travel insurance when booking. 

You will be able to check into you room from 3pm on the first day of the retreat and check out is at 11am on the final morning of the retreat, you are however welcome to hang out at the venue before and after check in and check out (within reason). 

Orbit does offer additional meal plans that can be purchased but are not obligatory.

Rooms have self-contained kitchens and students are allowed to bring their own food.

There will be food delivery and meal options available which are delivered fresh each morning to be consumed the following for those who do not want to bring their own food.

Yes, Supermercado is 5 minutes walk away or 2 minutes by car. 

Orbit is an 18 and over retreat. 

It's a short 20 minute taxi from the airport. Please note, it's important you get cash out before you arrive as the taxi card machines do not have reception when they drop off. 

5 nights accommodation, tutoring and syllabus, professional press shots, logo design, gig in Ibiza, video interview, networking with industry leaders, mental health talks, wellness activations and much more. 

Please note, it's your requirement and cost to get to these Orbit showcases. You are not required to play, but there is an option in case you want. 

Alcohol is permitted with a supermarket within a short walking distance.

Social drinking after the sessions have finished for the day is permitted, however we ask that people remain respectful and mindful to themselves and each other.

We recommend that all attendees have retired for the day no later than midnight to maximise the retreat experience.


Published 11th December 2020

The security, health and safety of you and your friends is always our number one priority.

Orbit takes the same approach when it comes to COVID-19 and have rigorous safety measures on all our trips so you can return to travel safely and concentrate on having a great time.

We maintain the same high standards in the countries we operate in and our trips operate in line with the regulations of local authorities, which we monitor continuously.  Ahead of your trip we will send you clear instructions on how to stay safe every step of the journey, at the villa, in the local area and at the experience our retreats offer.

Our first Orbit DJ Retreat of 2020 was due to take place in May around the opening parties and closing retreat was due to take place in October around the closing parties, but the world had other plans for us. Orbit still could have gone ahead in October, however it didn't feel like the responsible thing to do

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic we have been in constant conversation with our resort in Ibiza, monitoring airlines, travel quarantine and monitoring announcements from each relevant governments. Due to the continued travel restrictions, Orbit will now take place from April 25th - 30th in the home of dance music capital of the world, Ibiza.

Orbit launched in 2019 in Ibiza and had plans to take place in unique locations across the world, however right now the focus in towards the opening retreat in Ibiza. Orbit DJ Retreats are immersive and holistic learning experiences for DJs and producers to elevate their skills and knowledge to the next level as a global destination event.

After our postponement, Orbit was delighted that the vast majority of customers have decided to take the option of moving their booking. Orbit is continuing to take government and local authority advice in regards to our April retreat which as it stands will continue as planned, however we can assure all existing and any new customers that if due to the global pandemic the retreat is unable to take place in April, then customers money is safe and the option of moving the booking to closing parties around 2021or receiving a refund will be be offered, including our non refundable deposit.

The retreat has also relaxed our payment terms so 40% will be due 2 months prior to April 2021 (February 28th 2021) and remaining 50% will be due until one month before the retreat (28th March 2021) which will hopefully give you guys flexibility you need during this period, post offering all students who couldn’t attend full refunds.

Foe the meantime, the team has put together a "directory" of Orbit favourite mentors offering their bespoke and intimate online tutoring sessions. This directory will enable you to contact each of the mentors the retreat works with and speak directly to them about your needs for elevating your music careers. Orbit will not take a commission for these services, therefore prices can remain extremely affordable and the cost of the 1-1 sessions will go directly to the mentors. More details on this to follow in the coming days.

All current bookings on instalments will have their payment periods extended, and monthly payments amounts will be reduced automatically. If you have any questions about the changes or retreat program, please get in contact with us at


We require travel insurance for all our trips before you travel with us. We don’t offer travel insurance for sale and we cannot advise or recommend any travel insurance providers. You may wish to check with your bank or credit card provider whether you already have an annual policy in place.If we need to cancel or postpone a trip due to COVID-19 related reasons, you will automatically be booked onto the new dates, but if you cannot attend the new dates, you will be entitled to a full refund.


Our on-site staff are trained to follow all local government safety protocols, and we are actively monitoring and evolving our solutions to ensure the safety of our travellers and staff. Our partners are equally committed to maintaining high safety protocols, including regular and thorough cleaning of villa rooms, and food and beverage areas.


‍Orbit will update you with detailed emails that share our recommended health and hygiene protocols in accordance with local government guidelines specific to your trip, as well as pre-trip training around how to recognise COVID-19 symptoms to ensure you are as prepared as possible.