Does my experience or technical knowledge effect whether I can attend or not?

One of our co-founders Doorly answered this question for us and here's what he said –

”I started my career in a bar collecting glasses, I absolutely loved music and was collecting records at home and one week the opportunity finally came up when the regular dj never showed up and I bravely stepped in to cover having never played to a venue or people before. I managed to get the gig on a regular basis and was soon playing 6 / 8 /10 /12 hour shifts and pushing myself and teaching myself all the time. I wish i had someone to show me the ropes then that would have fast tracked my learning and help me avoid some big mistakes along the road of djing 20 years later  Im now a global ambassador for Pioneer but  still learning constantly and  looking at my peers and industry leaders for inspiration and new challenges. There’s no level that is too basic or too advanced to join us."

How does the shared accommodation work?

We have taken over a beautiful Finca in Ibiza with an intimate and exclusive feel. All places available are shared accommodation. Some shared accommodation has multiple private rooms, others do not. If you are booking with a group of people we advise that you book the amount of places available in that room, however you can also book single places in shared accommodation and you will be placed with another Orbit Student. 

As there are a variety of sleeping options in each of the rooms including double, single and bunk beds, we will allocate these bed options on a first come first serve basis for the people who book onto the retreat and their chosen accommodation option first.

Please note rooms are mixed gender.

What is the payment schedule?

10% deposit to secure your place at Orbit with the following instalments. Please note, if you pay in full, you will receive an Orbit care package on arrival in your room 

•Minimum of 10% to secure your booking.
•Minimum of 50% must be paid at least 3 months before retreat.
•Full balance must be paid at least 1 month before retreat.

You can also pay off any amount at any time by logging into your booking
The above payment schedule is valid for your total package value including meal package if you have selected this.

Is there support for all genres of DJ'ing / production?

We support and appreciate all genres and talent and will match the tutors to the attendees. The mentors are carefully selected from all different angles of the music industry. On confirming your attendance with the retreat we hold a group webinar to assess your skills and musical preference and what you hope you to learn during your time with us.

What do I need to bring to get the best out of my experience?

Bring along any items you typically use in your sets or production - Laptop sd cards / usbs / hard drives / current projects you’re working on even goals and targets you have made and want to achieve.         

We're a duo / group - Will this experience be beneficial for us?

Of course. The retreat is open to all levels and genres for production performance and presentation.                                 


What do I come away with after the experience?

Aside from improved production and performance knowledge and experience you will have an up to date EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to present to promoters / managers / agents including new press shots, branding including a bespoke logo, a recorded mix from the  live performance day, an artist profile page set up on our website and many new connections with your retreat peers.

If I don’t currently produce is this the right fit for me?

If you wish to begin production this is the perfect opportunity to have someone on one time with our certified production tutors . If your goal is to polish your performance we can tailor the curriculum to give you bonus performance tutorials.

I'm not familiar with social media, is there someone available to help me with this?

Social media is always changing and people are always learning so you won't be at a disadvantage with little or no past experience with social media or a current social media presence. We will have a n expert on hand to support you setting this up and up skilling.

What free time will we have?

The days curriculum are designed to utilise your time with us for optimum gain for each attendee. We set evening homework or “tasks” at the beginning of the week for the evening when the tutors / classes are finished so you can come in armed with new questions and queries the following day. We encourage you to work as a team and learn from each others strengths each evening.

Does the package include travel insurance?

The packages do not include travel insurance. As part of our terms & conditions you agree to purchase your own travel insurance when booking.

What is the price of the retreat and can you purchase in other currencies?

Please find pricing in Great British Pounds Sterling below.  

  • 6 Share - £1799
  • 3 Share - £1999
  • 2 Share - £2099

Prices will also be displayed in your home current and payment will be taken in your home currency.

How much is the deposit and when do I need to pay my balance?

We ask for a 10% deposit to secure your place at Orbit with the following instalments. Please note, if you decide to pay in full, you will receive an Orbit care package on arrival in your room

  • Minimum of 10% to secure your booking.
  • Minimum of 50% must be paid at least 3 months before retreat.
  • Full balance must be paid at least 1 month before retreat.

What is the refund policy?

If you are unable to attend, all payments made are non refundable. However, depending on the validity of the reason you are unable to attend , your travel insurance policy may refund some or all of the cost of your package. If required, we can provide a booking statement that shows all payments made.


When is check in and check out?

You will be able to check into you room from 3pm on the first day of the retreat and check out is at 10am on the final morning of the retreat, you are however welcome to hang out at the venue before and after check in and check out. 

Is food and drink included?

Orbit does not offer meal plans. Rooms have self contained kitchens and students are allowed to bring their own food. There will be food delivery and meal options delivered one month before the retreat for those who do not want to bring their own food.

Is there a supermarket nearby?

Yes, Supermercado is 9 minutes walk away or 2 minutes by car.

Why are the retreat options different prices?

Bogamari has a limited capacity with different bedding configurations in each Villa. The more people you share with means the less it will cost and the fewer people you share with increases the package price.

If you’d like to have your own room, this would be the same as purchasing 2 packages given the limited capacity. Please email us if you would like to discuss this option further.

Is there an age limit?

Orbit is an 18 and over retreat.

How do I get from the airport to Bogamari?

It's a short 20 minute taxi from the airport. Please note, it's important you get cash out before you arrive as the taxi card machines do not have reception when they drop off.

What is included in my package?

5 nights accommodation, tutoring and syllabus, professional press shots, logo design, gig in Ibiza, video interview, networking with industry leaders, mental health talks, wellness activations and much more.

How do I get to Orbit showcase events in Ibiza?

Please note, it's your requirement and cost to get to these Orbit showcases. You are not required to play, but there is an option in case you want.

What is included in our gift pack?

It will be released after the retreat has sold out, last years attendees received an array of complimentary Orbit gifts ranging from membership vouchers to headphones to merchandise.

What is the alcohol policy?

There is a fully operational bar on site at the retreat, you are welcome to purchase soft drinks throughout the day, but we ask that people do not drink alcohol during the learning sessions. Social drinking after the sessions have finished for the day is permitted, however we ask that people remain respectful and mindful to themselves and each other. 

We recommend that all attendees have retired for the day no later than midnight to maximise the retreat experience.