“Was really cool being part of such a well organised, informative, fun retreat, and in what better location to do it than Ibiza. The actual location is perfect, and gives you plenty of space to work on your own music, and develop skills with all up to date equipment. I loved being able to freely chat to the students in both a group and one on one, and be able to share my experiences and how I started out J”

Juliet Fox (Drumcode) (Orbit DJ Retreat mentor)

“The retreat was an amazing week or teaching and learning for me. I met some amazing people and made some friendships for life! The attention and time that the students get is really good Tand the setting is beautiful. I even signed some tracks to our record label. If you want to improve your skills or just meet some great people - orbit DJ retreats is the place!”

Matt Gorgon City (Realm Records) (Orbit DJ Retreat mentor) 

“The level of support and knowledge I received from the mentors while attending the Orbit DJ Retreat was outstanding. As an attendee, I had the opportunity to sit down with AAA class artists and acquire essential constructive feedback on my productions. One of the mentors, Matt Robson-Scott from the world-class duo Gorgon City, who, after listening to some of my tracks, even asked if he could sign one to his label Realm Records! This one-on-one experience and feedback from high-class artists is such a unique service and, in my opinion, is an absolute gamechanger. Since the retreat, my music has seen support from world-class acts such as Rufus Du Sol, Eric Morillo, and Yousef and has undoubtedly helped make waves with my music career. I highly recommend Orbit DJ Retreat to any serious producer who wants to take their career to the next level.”

TAYA (Circus Recordings / Realm Records) (Orbit Dj Retreat graduate) 

“Orbit in Ibiza was such an incredible event. To be part of that process of watching DJs learning, helping each other and working so hard but healthily was a joy to see and to host my own Sleep Retreat wellness platform there was the icing on the cake”

Rob da Bank (Camp Bestival / Sleep Retreat) (Orbit DJ Retreat mentor)

“Orbit and my time in Ibiza was incredible. To play a small part of the retreat was such an honour to say the least. The retreat was a great place to learn every facet of the industry, direct from the people living and breathing music. Chatting with all the attendees and mentors, I got the sense this was something really special. If you have the chance, make the time and get to Orbit Retreats. Sam”

Sam Beck (RÜFÜS DU SOL & Flight Facilities Manager - Leisurely) (Orbit DJ Retreat mentor) 

“The Orbit retreat in Ibiza was one of the most influential environments i've ever been to. What a place share my musical knowledge and experience, Everyone came from all corners of the globe to enhance their careers and skill sets by some of the industries leading mentors and I can honestly say... one week at the Orbit retreat created more than just a educational week, it also created a musical family, with great futures ahead.”

Oliver GAWP (Logic Pro / Spinnin' Records) (Orbit DJ Retreat mentor) 

“Doorly single handedly raised my performance levels to a new height, explaining everything in a clear and precise way. On top of working with one of the most sought after DJ/Producers in the world he is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I will be booking with him again to continue improving my skills. Since being taught by Doorly I’ve since gone on to join the Reptile Dysfunction family as an artist, with my release played by Marco Carolla and Jamie Jones, and I’m also employed as part of the label management team. The Orbit Retreat was a fantastic experience. I was privileged enough to see the attendees arrive on the first day not knowing what to expect to leaving the week with immense focus and belief in their new found abilities both DJing and Producing. On top of that they have built a close knit group of friends who will offer each other help, support and encouragement for many years to come. I am very excited to see what the next group of Orbiteers can achieve” 

Matt Hobbs (Orbit mentor & graduate) (Reptile Dysfunction label manager) 

“I first met Doorly at a secret villa after-party where he only had one USB and the decks were not linked so he asked me to play b2b with him. This was a dream come true for me and we've been mates ever since! The next time we met I was playing my first ever set at Cafe Mambo and he came and asked me what song I was playing and told me he liked my style. After that I started making music for him and his label Reptile Dysfunction, I also ended up playing back to back with him at Cafe Mambo. My first release on his label was called ‘Pawn The Monkey’ which was part of his Young UN's EP. This was then followed up with a remix of "Idris Elba” and “Back Talk, Paradise" before I released my first solo EP on vinyl which sold out almost immediately. Through Doorly’s help and guidance I've managed to release my music to the world and also DJ in unbelievable places like the legendary Pikes Ibiza.” 

Griff (Retreat graduate)

“A truly inspirational experience, not only for the participants but also for the mentors. It's exciting to see so many people with so much passion put together for a week, and of course the setting helped!" 

Verity Mayes (Pacha) (Orbit DJ Retreat mentor)

“Orbit was like nothing I have experienced before, being part of a DJ retreat as the Mental Health partner was groundbreaking territory and so We had no idea what to expect. What I got was one of the most memorable weeks of my life, seeing super talented artists graft and learn new skills from the best DJs around the world, whilst also being privileged enough to have 1:1 chats and understand people’s drives and ambitions was a true gift. I still speak to a lot of the guys now and they know they have a safe pair of ears, that understands their reality, to talk to should the pressure or anxiety of performing ever get too much. Can’t recommend this enough!” 

Ian Hurst (We Are Hummingbird Health) (Orbit DJ Retreat mentor)

“I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am today if it wasn’t for Doorly believing in me and pushing and encouraging me to be a DJ. Whilst learning to beat match he was the one who said “one day it will just click” and it did, luckily enough after many hours! Through many all nighters collecting music together, (I am still taking credit for the Dizzee remix btw) he crafted my approach to playing and reading crowds and inspired me to be versatile in my sets and open to all music. His many years of experience, technical ability and the fact he is an all round good human makes him one of the best.” 

Nicola Bear (Retreat graduate)

“The best person! More Doorly's need to live amongst us on this planet 🌍 guided and helped me through my career 100% recommended.” 

Jay Newman (Retreat graduate)

“Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro you couldn’t make a smarter investment in your career as a DJ. Orbit is a game changer, there simply isn't anything like it” 

Mark Burnett (Ableton) (Orbit DJ Retreat mentor)

“Doorly is an inspiration in djing and production, it was such an honour to learn from a real legend in the industry. I couldn’t recommend Doorly enough, working with him has not only helped me to progress skills but he also opened the door for me in Ibiza. I will be going back to the island to work with Doorly again later in the year. He is a legend, a super talented DJ and producer who has remained humble, always positive and a great person to work with.”

Isiana I.D (Retreat graduate)

“What a guy Doorly is, I’m proud to have him as a mentor and would recommend him to anyone who wants to not only learn about DJing and production, but everything about the music industry.” 

Ryan Taft (Retreat graduate)

“There's nothing out there that exists quite like the Orbit DJ retreat. The mentors involved are truly the best in the world at what they do, but what stood out to me most is the genuine care and follow through that they apply to their programming. Expect to be challenged, inspired, and at times nervous! But at the end of the week you won't be able to imagine a world in which you decided not to go.”

FC Sweat (Orbit DJ Retreats graduate)

“Orbit was the most unique experience I’ve ever been a part of. The opportunity to form social relationships and learn from the most respected artists and music industry professionals in the world is priceless. It goes beyond the week in Ibiza as well… I know I’ve personally booked past students to perform at our events, and others have released on Doorly’s or Gorgon City’s label after meeting them at the retreat.” 

Hugh Cruickshank (Audiopaxx) (Orbit DJ Retreat mentor)