Talent, drive, energy and passion. Our Ibiza 2022 Orbiteers possessed it all. They arrived at our retreat as strangers and have left as a community. Check them out below and keep your eyes peeled for them making waves in the near future. 


100 Meters Deep is Ali Grant a DJ and Producer who lives on the musical haven of Ibiza. His musical roots began with the UK’s alternative rave scene, heavily involved in the ‘free party’ movement, Ali quickly learnt what was needed to please a dancefloor from an early age. 

Moving recently to that famous island that houses countless DJs, producers, and performers all pushing to make themselves heard amongst the masses; Ali and his ‘100 Meters Deep’ moniker has become one of the rare exceptions where he has calmly sat in the wings and let his music really speak for itself. 

His genre hopping sets of down tempo crate dug gems, flick seamlessly between Balearic breaks, underground classics, and modern-day masterpieces that deliver each and every time in an eclectic but warming way. 

His music has been showcased from the world-famous Glastonbury, to his now home of Ibiza with sets and streams on Sonica radio and the brand-new dining experience of ‘528’. 

His talents don’t end just on the stage, Ali used the recent restrictions to take ‘100 Meters Deep’ into the studio, he has begun to translate 20 years of musical absorption effortlessly into his solid productions that are already gaining a lot of interest from some credible labels. 

This will be an exciting latter half of the year for him, an undoubted release schedule, and some very exciting bookings will see 100 Meters Deep further push himself into the limelight and continue to gain the recognition he deserves.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100MetersDeep

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hundredmetersdeep/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/315i4lqqlefgsbriddkr2xy2dqpm?si=e050fc48a96b43fc

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/100metersdeep

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/100MetersDeep/



Adydas is a multi-genre DJ and Producer from the North of England. A music lover from a young age enabled Adydas to form strong foundations of what works to please a crowd. His honest, energy fuelled sets are a perfect translation of the passion that lies within him. From feel good anthems to hard sought gems his sets build an experience that bonds all those who listen, a textbook demonstration of reading a dancefloor. 

Adydas has worked relentlessly to keep himself above the parapet in a heavily contested market, but has done so with consummate ease. His talents and expert track selection have made him a crowd favourite that delivers every time. 

His talents don’t stop there. Adydas used the recent restrictions to hone his skills further in the studio. Selected to be part of the revered ‘Toolroom Academy’ - Adydas is taking 15 years of experience and translating it into feel good dancefloor anthems that are turning heads from credible labels. A release schedule is imminent. 

This next year will see this talented artist push further into the limelight with a string of bookings coming in. Adydas has paved a clear path into the industry and rightly deserves the attention he is getting, with his work ethic and raw talent he is certainly one to keep a very close eye on. 





Alixe, a London based DJ and Producer, started her musical journey as a support DJ in the rock and metal scene before transitioning into Electronic Music. Alixe has positioned herself as one of London’s most capable open format DJs playing at institutions such as Ministry of Sound, EGG LDN, and Electric Brixton. She has also played further afield with credible gigs in Greece, Ibiza, and Croatia.  Alixe also holds a weekly residency on the UK’s No1 dance music station ‘Select Radio. 

Alixe used the past lockdown restrictions to focus her time in the studio and her productions were soon noticed with an invitation to attend the coveted Toolroom Academy. Her production talents have gone from strength to strength and several labels are already showing an interest. 

With a strong musical background and natural vibrant talent, this exciting artist will really make her mark in 2022. With bookings across London including Basing House and an imminent release schedule, Alixe is certainly a talent to watch.  







Antoine Karam originally from Lebanon is one of the countries true rising talents. Hailing from a musical family background it was a clear path for Antoine to take. 

His Multi-genre, energetic, grooving sets have become his trademark, and his unique style and infectious vibe both in and out of the booth have made Antoine a real crowd favourite. From his sets to over 5000 people in Beirut, and even further afield in musical havens of London and more recently the revered island of Ibiza, Antoine Karam sends you on a unique musical journey. 

His music storytelling doesn't end there, his ability in the studio is also more than credible. Clever productions that push not only boundaries but spark a real desire to get lost in the energy of the tracks. This was further complimented by a release on Doorly’s ‘Reptile Dysfunction’ imprint this year.










Brinx is a DJ/Producer/Promoter who currently resides in Qatar, in the Middle East. After being on the fringes of music for many years, it took winning DJ Mag’s ‘Next Best Thing’ in 2014, a nationwide competition to find up and coming talents across the UK, to make Brinx realise his true ability and focus on a career in the Electronic Music industry. For the last 8 years he has continued to push forward and has quickly gained recognition as a key part of the thriving musical scene in the cultural hub of his then home Glasgow, Scotland. 

A seasoned promoter bringing talents to the Scottish music scene including Marshall Jefferson, Paul Bleasdale, Shonky from Apollonia for the Broken Disco brand, and many others. As well as performing himself such as Glasgow institution Club 69 and much further afield, from Berlin, London, and Ibiza, to China, Brazil, and Korea. 

His now trademark sets of driving, percussion driven house, coupled with deep basslines and clever vocal edits builds a unique almost 1-to-1 connection with the audience that keeps them wanting more. Brinx has a quiet confidence in the booth, one that expertly tempers the energy that is unleashed in his sets that deliver every time. Brinx also hosts a monthly residency on Groove City Radio, one of Glasgow’s most established music platforms. 

Brinx’s talents don’t stop there, a skilled producer who has held back on showcasing his well-thought-out Tech House productions until now. After self-releasing on his own imprint ‘Purple Pineapple Records’ his productions show not only his obvious ability in the studio but also his maturity and understanding of what works on a dancefloor. Several credible labels are already showing a vested interest and a release schedule is imminent. 

It has been a continual rise for Brinx to sit amongst his peers, and one that is rightly deserved. This rounded and capable artist has a commendable work ethic that has contributed to consistent bookings and further recognition for his contribution to the scene. With performances at this year’s Hideout Festival and the world renowned Your Paradise Festival in Fiji on the horizon It has been a long time coming but now Brinx is ready to truly show the world what he is capable of. 


Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/brinx909

Insta - https://www.instagram.com/keithbrenkley/

Bandcamp - https://brinx909.bandcamp.com

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjhCU2_V_glgIwjn7Q8asbA



Dr SJ has entered the electronic scene from a unique direction - a GP by day, a DJ, and producer by night. She also co-founded ‘Foxtrot Alpha Recordings’ with scratch DJ and percussionist Jamie Griffith for the legendary quartet ‘Hybrid’.

DR SJ has been a solid foundation if the Welsh music scene for some time, their imprint has championed both established artists and given up and coming talent a credible platform to be heard, her own talents lie in the ability to expertly delivered sets with uplifting grooves and energetic melodies that truly unite a crowd. She has played all over Wales and the Southwest of England, and recently played alongside industry kingpin ‘Doorly’ on the white isle of Ibiza. 

DR SJ has been working tirelessly in the studio and used the recent restrictions to hone these skills even further. Releasing on her own label has drawn serious interest from others and her productions are now forming a solid release schedule.

2022 will see this hard-working artist go from strength to strength, with a mainstage booking for the ‘Lets Love Life’ festival and several others in the pipeline it is time for DR SJ to show her talents to more than her patients. 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drsjmusic/



DTEK/MARIO are a duo originally from the midlands now reside in the musical hub of Birmingham. They have become renowned for energetic, fun filled sets that keep the crowds ever wanting more. Underground tech house fills their sets, but it is the energy and feeling between the pair that is the real winner on the dancefloor. It is rare for a duo to really push each other, almost challenge, yet complement each other so well with each track. They expertly translate their own individuality whilst seamlessly remain one.

DTEK/MARIO took full advantage of the recent restrictions to work as hard in the studio as they do as successful entrepreneurs - their productions have until now remained exclusive to their sets, but now it is the right time to show them to a wider audience. They have quickly gained support from some credible artists on promo. 

The duo’s talents don’t stop in the studio they have appeared on large stages such as the procession for the mayor in their hometown, their own Broken Mirrors boat parties, as well as regular guests to the famous forest parties across Albania. The duo recently played in the musical haven of Ibiza alongside GAWP and Doorly further testament to the pair’s talent. 

This will be an exciting year for a duo whose work ethic is relentless - they both know where they deserve to be and aren’t taking their foot off the gas until they get there. A release schedule will undoubtedly be imminent and further bookings are in the pipeline - it won’t be long before DTEK/MARIO get where they belong. 











Elixir Sound is Henry Innes a DJ and producer currently living in London. Elixir Sound may not yet be a familiar name to those that hear it, but it certainly won’t be one you quickly forget when you have seen him perform. His memorable sets of structured, up-beat, driving house music, deliver each and every time. 

Travel from a young age have seen him draw interest from and performances all over the world including India and Thailand. This truly international DJ has also played several high-profile European gigs including Köln, Germany and frequent trips to the world famous musical haven of Ibiza. In his now home of London Elixir Sound has already played some of the most coveted spots the city has to offer including Ministry of Sound, EGG LDN, Brixton Academy and the Steelyard. 

Elixir sound’s talents don’t there, he has worked tirelessly in the studio for last few years to make sure he holds the energy he creates in his sets and translates them perfectly on the dancefloor in his productions. Clever percussive rhythms, bolstered with driving basslines have gained a lot of interest from some credible labels, he has previously released on London’s ‘Exigo Records’. 

Elixir Sound has a commendable work ethic and attitude, the constant stream of booking requests is further acknowledgment of this. A trip to Ibiza this summer led to Waze from Waze & Odyssey hearing one of his tracks and this is now destined for the duo’s ‘Street Tracks’ imprint for release later this year, a further testament to the talents of this talented young producer. With all this in mind it is only a matter of time before Elixir Sound sits amongst his peers, and with his drive, talent, and continued support it won’t be long before he quickly surpasses them - a place he rightly deserves. 


Twitter:     https://twitter.com/ESounddj

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/elixirsoundDJ

Instagram:     https://www.instagram.com/elixir_sounddj/

Mixcloud:       https://www.mixcloud.com/elixir_sound/

Website:     https://elixir-sound.com/

Soundcloud:     https://soundcloud.com/elixir-sounddj

Spotify:     shorturl.at/FHN45

EPK:         shorturl.at/cfpq8



GEN RV is a DJ/Producer from the South West of England who has been deeply immersed in the musical entertainment world for some time. A professional dancer and performer with shows in London’s world famous ‘West End’ in the timeless ‘Joseph’ to as far afield as Japan. She is a natural performer who effortlessly creates a deep connection with her audience. With a love of soulful house music, it was only a matter of time before she made the transition from dance stage to DJ booth. 

With a deep knowledge of what works on a dancefloor, and an eclectic catalogue of inspiring music GEN RV quickly gained a reputation as a real track selector. Her energetic sets are filled with bass driven grooves, expertly complimented with intricate vocals, a real education whilst still giving the warmth of familiarity. Her clear talents have seen her perform around the UK and Ibiza and has secured a residency with London’s ‘Stay Soulful’ events.

GEN RV made the most of the recent pandemic and immersed herself deep into music production. Years spent on the dancefloor are finally being translated into her own grooves, an accomplished singer already, it was a natural move to showcase them further with her own productions. With several reputable labels already taking a real interest it won’t be long before she has a release schedule lined up.  

This has been a big year for Genevieve and her GEN RV moniker, and there are no signs of her slowing down. With several collaborations planned both in and out of the studio, and a steady stream of booking enquiries, it seems she is in for another busy year. It is not often a DJ can deliver as consistently as she can, and it won’t be longer until she is a much more frequent addition to the UK’s biggest soulful line-ups.


INSTAGRAM:    https://www.instagram.com/genr_v/

SOUNDCLOUD:    https://soundcloud.com/genevieve-horne-130975429

EPK:        shorturl.at/cMQW0



Improvidra is a DJ and Producer originally from the Balkan state of Serbia. With a musical journey that has spanned almost 20 years Improvidra is finally making his way further into the limelight. His sets of warm, percussive heavy, progressive house are certain crowd pleasers, and he has carved a real trademark sound that leaves his audience always wanting more.

He has played on several large stages across Eastern Europe including the revered Exit Festival in his native Serbia. Improvidra is as capable in the studio as he is in the booth. His clever productions of classic drum sounds mixed with intricate synths and futuristic waves have grabbed the attention of audiences and peers alike.  With a string of solid releases already under his belt including Distinctive, Mauro Picotto’s ‘Alchemy’ and this summer a release on Gorgon City’s ‘Realm Records’ which has gained huge support from industry heavyweights, Improvidra has already gained the credibility he deserves. 

This will be another big year for Improvidra, a recent booking in the musical haven of Ibiza, and more to follow, a release schedule that once again is being filled with some of the industry’s leading labels and his constant desire to truly show what Improvidra is capable of - we can’t wait to see what this exciting artist has in store for us. 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/improvidra/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/improvidra

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/improvidra

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7ioX2KpPo9ZRRnvqbWEdHS?si=nSeg29jET--8CgGb2oqp7A



Irvading Payne is an exciting talent hailing from the Southwest of England. Still at the ripe age of 24, for the last 8 years this passionate DJ and Producer has been showcasing his talents across the UK.

It is often an easy route into the industry to follow trends and please the masses, Irvading Payne has gone against the curve and followed his true passion - UK Garage - a niche genre, with a dedicated following and roots deep in British Culture. This passion is expertly displayed in his high-energy sets, transmitting positivity and unpredictability in equal measures. He sends a message that is instantly recognisable and relatable and has earned him the respect and admiration of all around him. 

His passion doesn’t end in the booth, his time in the studio applying a relentless work ethic is clearly apparent with solid productions gaining the attention of credible labels who are taking a real interest, a release schedule is imminent. 

Irvading Payne is a real breath of fresh air to the UK music scene, dedicated, passionate, and talented... In a saturated market Irvading Payne has carved space for himself and his talents to be showcased and he rightly deserves to be recognised amongst his peers and is only a matter of time before he undoubtedly surpasses them. This exciting artist has a big future in front of him and we can’t wait to see what 2022 will deliver.









JAG J is Jason Coleman one of the USA’s most exciting emerging artists. Having spent some years in the scene his climb up the ranks has been a calculated but accomplished one. His energetic sets are filled with expertly woven classics and re-edits that are consistent crowd pleasers. JAG J is a DJ who has stayed relevant but cuts with nods back to old skool creating a real connection to ever expectant crowds - with sets at world class venues and Pool Parties across the US, from Palm Springs and LA to Burning Man and Headspace in San Diego to further afield including the musical hotspot of Ibiza. 

JAG J used the recent restrictions to his advantage and has spent time in the studio sculpting his own sound - several labels are already interested in his productions. 

The latter half of 2022 will see further booking for JAG J, with Vegas and Southern California already locked in. This has been an exciting year for JAG J and the successes aren’t slowing down, and we can’t wait for this flamboyant and entertaining performer to show himself to the world. 







James Morrison is a DJ and producer from the North of England. He has quickly made a name for himself on the circuit with his unique sound and tension filled sets, even though relatively young in years the maturity in his performances is evident with focused and energetic storytelling - a real art that he has clearly mastered. 

His signature sound of ‘bass heavy glitch tech’ keeps audiences guessing at every corner, whilst captivating them with rolling percussion and intricate vocals. He has quickly made a name for himself on the northern scene playing at institutions such as ‘Brickhouse’ and ‘Cable Club’ in Manchester. 

James used the recent restrictions wisely and developed his skills even further in the studio. His productions are testament to this - solid, deep rollers, with clever percussion and well woven basslines are getting a lot of attention from some highly credible labels - the latter half of the year will see a varied and worthy release schedule form. 

It is a rare thing to see an artist push as hard as James does to achieve his goals, whilst still maintaining such a positive and confident approach to both his sets and productions. He really is a talent to watch, and it won’t be long until he sits with his peers, a position he rightly deserves. 







Kenobee is an American DJ/Producer who is currently living in Dubai. Having been an avid 

music fan and collector through the last 30 years it was time for Ken and his Kenobee moniker to showcase his talents to a wider audience. 

Using the recent pandemic to polish his skills it wasn’t long before this talented artist ability was recognised. A true ‘selector’, his energy filled sets of solid tech house with nods to classic house floor fillers deliver each and every time. A regular on the private villa party scene across the globe playing in Venice, Dubai, and the musical haven of Ibiza, including b2b sets there with industry heavyweights GAWP and Doorly this summer that really show the credibility of this exciting artist. 

Kenobee will now focus his efforts towards the studio, already bolstering his sets with his own edits and re-works it’s now time to push these out to labels that are already showing a keen interest. 

 It is not often that a financial sector professional pushes into the electronic music industry, and it is even rarer that they can make the impact or provide the credibility that Kenobee has. It has been a late entry into the industry but one that after seeing his talent in and out of the booth is very much welcomed. With bookings as far as the Caribbean Virgin Islands and a return to Ibiza next year, this is only the start for a performer that deserves every bit of success that is coming his way. 


INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/kenobeedj/

EPK: shorturl.at/eo027



Lyndrum is Lyndon Haselhuhn, a DJ and Producer from a small town in the Midwest. Lyndon has been on the fringes of electronic music for many years. However, recently he has decided it is time to push himself and his music forward to a broader audience. 

With DJ sets across the Midwest and further aboard, including Ibiza, Lyndrum is no stranger to the stage. A subtle calmness surrounds him, but this is far from what is portrayed on stage. Instead, driving rhythms, rolling basslines, big vocals, and piano hooks put dance floors on a journey from start to finish, with highly technical sets delivered every time.

Accustomed to performing at many high-end private events and prominent Midwest clubs such as Studio Paris and American Junkie, the recent pandemic caused Lyndrum to take the opportunity to hone his production skills further. He has completed several courses at London’s Point Blank Music School and the world-renowned ‘Toolroom Academy.’ 

His solid productions of piano-infused dance-floor fillers are a testament to the countless hours of work he has put into pushing himself ahead of his peers, something he has done with consummate ease. As a result, several credible labels have already taken a considerable interest in his work, and a release schedule is on the horizon.

2022 has been a massive year for Lyndon and his ‘Lyndrum’ brand, and with his work ethic and raw talent, it is far from over. So, expect to see his name more frequently as he pushes further and further into the limelight – a position he rightly deserves.










Manyardo is a rising talent from Northern Ireland. His hometown of Belfast has quickly become a central hub of musical talent and Manyardo is no exception. His emotive sets of grooving melodies and underground floor fillers have escalated Manyardo into the limelight. 

A regular on the Northern Ireland scene with appearances at the institution of Kelly’s, Port Rush to further afield including this summer playing the underground club circuit in Ibiza. 

His talents don’t stop in the booth, Manyardo used the recent restrictions to his full advantage and worked tirelessly to polish his skills further in the studio. HIs productions are already gaining a lot of interest - expertly blended, flowing tracks with nods to his roots of trance and dancefloor anthems, restrained by clever percussion and rolling basslines. With interest from several credible labels, it won’t be long until a release schedule is formed. 

This will be an exciting year for an artist who has bided his time to really show his talents to a wider audience. With his admirable work ethic and undeniable talent, it won’t be long before Manyardo rightly joins those who have gone before him. A true talent that deserves to be recognised. 


Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/_manyardo_/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Manyardo.dj

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/manyardodj



Not Telling is one of the most exciting artists making his mark on the Australian Electronic Music scene. Kye and his ‘Not Telling’ moniker may be relatively young in the industry, but his unique style of energetic, expertly constructed sets put him years ahead of his peers. 

Originally hailing from Cairns now situated in Brisbane, Not Telling has had to carve his own route into the industry and make people take note. He has done this with consummate ease, he has had numerous signings and bookings from Berlin’s underground ‘Trippy Code Records’ label, Sunset Sounds, The Grass is Greener, Sub Rosa, Let’s Dance, and Night Bass to supporting artists like Jordan Brando, Chris Lorenzo, AC Slater, Jack Beats and many more through hosting his own events. All culminating in his debut tour to play on the legendary island of Ibiza this summer. 

Not Telling’s ability to keep crowds on their toes and continually guessing constitutes the alias. With his genre skipping sets he hatches a unique style, from jazz infused house, to expertly curated minimal - his sound really is becoming a versatile trademark that delivers every time, he is destined for bigger platforms to showcase this incredible talent.

This year will see a release schedule form with serious interest from some highly credible labels and further bookings in the pipeline. Not Telling is not afraid to push the parameters of his chosen genres and each set is as unique as the last - the one thing that remains consistent is his work ethic and the pure joy of the crowd watching this rising talent.



Souljan is a DJ and Producer hailing from Belgium. His apparent quick rise in the industry has deep roots that were formed at the sad loss of his music loving brother in 2005 - Souljan made a promise to continue his legacy. 

Souljan’s musical journey spans across several decades, in the late 90’s he was part of the iconic Ionyouth Soundsystem - a central point for the Dub Reggae movement. He continued to develop as an artist spanning not only years, but also genres, until he found his real direction in the underground house scene. 

His sets are filled with well thought out tracks, fresh sounding productions, with a clever nod to his catalogue of crowd-pleasing rhythms gained over the years. Expectant crowds are never let down as Souljan delivers every time. 

Souljan used the recent pandemic to refine his skills in the studio and begin to showcase his unique sound to a wider audience. Grooving, powerful basslines that are clearly formed from his Dub Reggae days are tempered with clean kicks and clever synths to really deliver a clear message on the dancefloor. Several labels have shown a keen interest in his productions and a release schedule is imminent. 

This will be a big year for Souljan as he further carves his name into the Belgian music scene. Recent sets in Ibiza and radio show on the island’s ‘Stardust’ are further testament to his work ethic. Souljan has been waiting for his moment and it’s clear that it was worth the wait for this exciting artist.



Warren William is a DJ/Producer living in the cultural hub of Frankfurt, Germany. Originally from the US, for the last few years Warren and his Warren William moniker has been making his mark on Frankfurt’s thriving music scene. 

His ever-popular sets of bass heavy house music, coupled with clever vocal snippets, and underground grooves make a real connection with the dancefloor. His consummate calmness and playful confidence in the booth are a stark contrast to the energy he produces on the other slide of the booth. A regular on the Frankfurt circuit, Warren William has played for a number of established brands, from fashion boutique ‘RE:CREATE’ to Ruby’s Hotel for the ‘Drei Freunde Wein’ brand. 

Warren William’s talents have been showcased further afield, from his mobile live streams in Mykonos and Berlin, to playing several events in the hallowed musical island of Ibiza. 

Using the last few years restrictions pushed Warren further into the studio and his hard work has been paying off. His productions of tech fused house, woven with rolling percussion, and planted with heavy basslines are really carving out a signature sound that works on the dancefloor. 

This has been an exciting year for Warren William, he has allowed his music to speak for itself and it is finally gaining the recognition it deserves. With further bookings in the pipeline including ‘Your Paradise Festival’ in Fiji, it won’t be long before Warren William rightly sits amongst his peers.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/warren_william_music/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarrenWilliamMusic

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGQAQ9yQAC1tYDfulMWeCyw

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/warren-william-music

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/warrenwilliammusic

Bandcamp: https://warrenwilliam.bandcamp.com/



Wilkie is a long-established DJ, Producer, and label owner who has been a prevalent part of the music scene for over 20 years. His own musical journey has seen him play across some of the biggest institutions in the UK as well as further afield including the musical haven of Ibiza. 

His ‘House of Now’ label crept into the top 500 over the pandemic and has been a platform to not only showcase some of the Europe’s best artists but also a platform to help up and coming artists from across the UK and around the world, recent release include Cyclik, Becky Bird, Garuk, and Alex Schmitz. 

His own talents in the studio are also of significance, with support from the likes of MK, Chris Lake, GAWP and many others. Wilkie brings years of musical influence and expertly translates it into tracks that are igniting dancefloors across the globe, his most recent release on DJ S.K.T’s ‘Stashed Records’ is further testament to this. 

The latter half of this year will see Wilkie complete a busy release schedule on his own imprint and industry leaders and his booking schedule is filling up also. 

Wilkie’s rise through the industry has been a thorough and calculated one who is finally getting the recognition he deserves. His commitment to help unestablished artists rise equally is further credit to this. It will be another exciting year for Wilkie and his Label and we can’t wait to see what he has to deliver!



Presenting our class of Ibiza 2019 Orbiteers. They arrived at our retreat as strangers and have left as a community. Check them out below and keep your eyes peeled for them making waves in the near future. 


A vinyl based DJ hailing from the UK, Anna M brings a consistent performance to her craft. Drawing inspiration from acts like Honey Dijon and the Martinez Brothers, her house compositions are a force to be reckoned with. An extensive music connoisseur and party organizer.

Anna M is a passionate individual whose sets resonate significantly across audiences. Recently playing at hotspot Pikes in Ibiza, a firm and favourite fixture on the Cornish festival scene.

 Anna M brings compelling sets further unraveling her sound. Inside the studio, her efforts have not gone unnoticed with her first remix getting snapped up by Ibiza house hero, Doorly’s label, Reptile Dysfunction.

 As owner of The Square House, Anna M is also incredibly active in her own community. Involved with Love Summer Radio, the event focuses on highlighting emerging acts leading up to the big annual festival. From live shows to featured mixes, Anna M has taken strides in focusing on female acts with the station. A recent session took a compilation of female mixes dedicated in several parts ranging from genres of soulful house to hard trance and techno.



Informed by innovation and the ever evolving prospects of technology, Melbourne based music producer Austin X Machine brings an unconventional approach to the electronic music realm. Intuitive and knowledgeable, the ambitious emerging producer draws their inspiration from artists like Gorgon City and Juliet Fox. With an intuitive ability to create a palette of experimental textures, their deep brooding releases bring a refreshing atmosphere to the dancefloor. 

Loyal to the exploratory aspects of the electronic genre, Austin X Machine strives to create detailed and creative productions.

 Ready to share his original material with the world, Austin X Machine has brought his sound to a variety of outlets around the globe. With mix work for Ministry of Sound London, Tech Tonic Ibiza Tour, and more, the Melbourne act has also shared a number of up and coming remixes on his Soundcloud.

 A recent live session with Park Social Melbourne highlights Machine’s instinct for deep house cuts and B side delights.



Hailing from Medellín and now based in Houston, Melissa Gomez aka Delady was selected for a scholarship to attend the Orbit DJ retreat in Ibiza last summer, where she spent six days and six nights honing her skills under the watchful eye of experts from all corners of the music industry.

Since 2014, DJ, producer and pianist Delady has been laying the foundations for a blueprint of moody, grooving basslines and bright rhythms and melodies, her sets spanning colourful house, techno and tech house.

Moving to Houston from Medellín in 2016, Delady has since played alongside artists like Doorly, Laidback Luke and Dash Berlin, as well as appearing on the lineup for festivals like Praia Urbana and Texas dance festival Freaky Deaky. Gomez also holds down residencies at Houston venues El Pueblito Patio and Stereo Live.

Her infectious energy and boundless enthusiasm has attracted the attention of Orbit’s own Doorly, who’s named her on the roster for his label Reptile Dysfunction; a home for leftfield electronic sounds and exciting new talent.

Delady is also among the ranks of Secret Location Collective, a Texas-based community of women committed to investing in the local underground music scene, and she has aspirations to release music on the likes of Defected, Relief and Suara.

A sharp thinker with a big smile and a tangible connection to the universe around her, Gomez considers herself a dreamer and a music lover of the highest order; the perfect artist to take the helm at legendary Ibiza institution Pikes; a coveted opportunity she seized with both hands at the end of her time at Orbit.



Eleanore Lamont is Elle Lucy, an open-minded and thrill-seeking DJ who lives firmly by her motto – “oh well” is better than “what if”.  A qualified psychiatric nurse, with a fascination with human nature and the way we interact with one another, Lamont’s introspective and empathetic character draws into her energy in the booth, and indeed the music you’ll find in her record bag.  Somewhat of a purist, Elle Lucy's musical influence originates from entering the 90's dance music scene as a teenager. 

Prior to the digital boom, she spent her weekends on adventures with friends across the West Country, burrowing through local record shops.  She reminisces on these 'special days' and laughs about how you would always find your vinyl in your friends' record bags!  'I once went to visit an old friend in Sydney for a mix, and discovered the first record I'd ever bought had also emigrated to Australia with him!  Like that record, she’s hard to keep track of, traveling frequently and pops up in clubs unexpectedly, both in the booth and on the dancefloor.

Today, her sets follow a theme of atmospheric, emotive,  brooding basslines, and feel good groves… all on top of a pronounced foot-tapping house beat.  Lamont is at her happiest by the sea, accompanied by a repetitive beat and sand between her toes.  A butterfly in her aptitude for making friends and her tendency to flit around at breakneck speed too, Elle Lucy has a fear of stagnation; she is moving, pushing, achieving all the time. 

The summer of 2019 saw Lamont joining the Orbit DJ retreat after a hiatus from the decks. After six days spent being tutored, guided and inspired by industry professionals from all corners of electronic music, by the end of the program Elle Lucy was back, ready to play an iconic Ibiza venue, Pikes, the perfect home for a mishmash of colourful house and disco. The following weekend she was playing Ministry of Sound in London.  Where will she pop up next?!



2019 saw DJ and production duo FC Sweat put out a nine-track release on Nice Records; First Team lifts vocal samples from Queen (“Somebody To Love”) and Destiny’s Child (“Emotion”), and spans atmospheric house to the French electro-leaning palette of “Freak Shit”. 

 Nicholas Olivetti forms half of FC Sweat, alongside Elliott Townsend who he met in 2007 on his university soccer team. The duo later moved to New York, where they have DJ’d shows across the city. Last summer saw Nicholas embark on the Orbit DJ retreat in Ibiza. For six days, Nicholas was surrounded by burgeoning up-and-comers and industry experts, honing his craft under the watchful eye of Doorly and tutors from Pioneer and Ableton. 

The retreat culminated with a set at Pikes and an appearance at London’s Ministry of Sound.  Landmark moments for any artist on the rise. Outside of these European hotspots, he’s a firm fixture on the Brooklyn circuit, playing regularly at TBA and The Williamsbug hotel. 

Inspired by his love for artists like Hot Since 82, Justice and M.A.N.D.Y, and with a Prophet-12 keyboard and Minimoog Voyager XL in his studio, Nicholas sees FC Sweat evolving into a live show in the future, complete with visuals, live drums and guitar.



Hack is the alter ego of Dejan Hack.  One of the most exciting exports Slovenia’s underground electronic music scene has released into the world in recent years.  

Dejan’s love of music is deeply ingrained in him.  A childhood prodigy, mastering the Piano and Flute from a young age, he’s lived and breathed music all of his life.  A forward thinker, with his finger on the pulse for new sounds.  It was a natural progression that he moved into the digital music realm. 

With HACK as his artist alias, he’s helped shape Slovenia’s club and rave scene dramatically in the twenty years he’s been performing.  Be it a DJ, or in the studio, producing, he’s a gifted individual.  His background as a classically trained artist shines through in his creative productions. Melodic, hypnotic and pulsating with energy, his musical output has gained critical acclaim from peers and elevated his presence on the global stage.  As a DJ, he’s performed in Austria, Hungary, Serbia’s legendary Exit Festival, Ibiza Rocks and the balearic palace of excess, Pikes. 

Having recently attended Orbit DJ Retreats course, alongside his close friend Doorly.  He worked closely with Gorgon City, Dirtybird’s GAWP, certified Ableton tutor Mark Burnett and Rob Da Bank.  It’s clear to see that HACK is an act on the rise, expect to hear his distinctive sound on a dancefloor near you soon.



If Ixrael Zavalza aka Izreel had a superpower, he’d have wings. The life and soul of any party, the LA-based DJ and producer is on a mission to make his fans soar too, with his vibrant, aggressive, and uplifting blends of different styles of house music.

 Born in the valley, bred in Riverside, with a degree from the San Francisco State University, Ixrael has made much of California his stomping grounds. While working full time at a popular video streaming service, he's thrown his heart into his side hustle at every waking moment. 

He’s DJ’d at The Hideaway in Riverside, and held down a residency at a Hookah Bar. Internationally, he’s played shows at Blue Velvet and Club Pink in Florence, Italy. 

Izreel has been DJing for quite a few years and producing for a few years more. Inspired by artists who have built their empires from very little — naming the likes of Nicky Romero, Deorro, Dombresky and Vinne as particular inspirations — Zavalza describes his sound as melodic yet aggressive, and fun with a hint of darkness. Under the guide of Doorly, Gawp, and other industry experts in the Orbit DJ retreat, Izreel spent six days and six nights delving deeper into his craft, ending the week with a victorious set at Pike's in Ibiza, the legendary home of hedonism on the White Isle.



Jonrah is the alter-ego of Deano Hamilton.  An eclectic selector with a deep understanding and broad knowledge of music, who always brings the vibe.  His sets are a showcase of his wide ranging taste. Unpredictable, intriguing, energetic and always fun. He delivers a unique energy to the dancefloor that only he knows how to supply.

Last summer, Jonrah embarked on the Orbit DJ retreat in Ibiza, a six day program of mentoring, workshops and hands-on practice for a tight knit crew of DJs looking to develop their craft. Under the guidance of Doorly, Gorgon City, Juliet Fox and tutors from Pioneer and Ableton, Jonrah’s time at Orbit culminated with a set at legendary Ibiza institution Pikes. What better way to get stuck into DJing than playing in Freddie’s Bar, one of the most iconic venues on the island. 

Inspired by artists like Fatboy Slim and Doorly, and on a more sentimental level by his friends and family, Jonrah describes himself as fun, wild and ginger, a DJ with diverse and technicolour taste who’s not afraid to take risks in the booth. His sets span everything from funk to indie, hip hop to house, and soul to breaks. Expect a Jonrah set to be littered with invigorating left turns, that turn out to be exactly right.



With a penchant for buoyant, groove-led house, JMP, formally known as R3wired, is Jean-Marie Pierre — a DJ and producer originally from Mauritius and now based in London.

Having previously warmed up for Saoirse in the Mixmag Lab as well as playing for Defected at Ministry of Sound and at their sun-drenched Croatian festival, 2020 is looking bright for JMP, whose greatest thrill is the anticipation as a project forms at his fingertips. He has aspirations of a live show in the same realm as artists like KiNK or Richie Hawtin, and JMP ensures he brings his heritage into his sound; a palette of high energy rolling house with Mauritian and Afro-instrumentation. 

JMP lists Osunlade and DJ EZ among his greatest inspirations, and he was first inspired to learn to DJ after hearing MJ Cole’s 2000 cut “Attitude”. His teenage years were soundtracked by the Pure Garage compilations – fast forward to today and he’s shared the bill with a host of UKG royalty; DJ Luck & MC Neat, Oxide & Neutrino and Artful Dodger to name a few. He counts a mammoth five hour b2b with Defected’s Wez Saunders among his most memorable shows. 

It’s not only behind the decks that JMP’s making moves, inside the studio, he’s an ambitious and skilled producer.  His debut release Hands in the Air Now has seen strong support from the likes of Paco Osuna, Blond:ish, Roog, MKEY and has been heard on many a dancefloor, including the hallowed Ibiza superclub, Hï.  Keep an ear to the ground for this exciting artist’s upcoming releases. 

Highlighted as one of the school’s biggest successes at SubBass Academy of Electronic Music, JMP would describe himself as resilient, tenacious and caring. Perhaps as tenacious in the booth as he is in his day-to-day, he is astute and dynamic in his mixing style, a skill he spent a week developing whilst on the Orbit DJ retreat in Ibiza last summer. Working alongside Doorly, and tutors from Pioneer and Ableton, the retreat culminated with a show at Pikes. JMP has played shows across the White Isle in the past, but where better to show off your fine-tuned skill set than in one of Ibiza’s most legendary spaces.



Known to keep the dancefloor busy, Matt Moore has built his career among Ibiza’s finest clubs, including as Space and Amnesia. His seamless blend of house and garage influenced grooves have led him to play across Spain, Morocco, and England. 

Matt strives to bridge the gap between his vast influences of musical styles while giving audiences a distinctive dancefloor experience. With a humble beginning as a grassroots DJ, Matt Moore has gone on to owning multiple venues and bars over the past 20 years, sustaining his own career as well as encouraging and nurturing others. 

The Portugual based DJ has made a name for himself sharing the stage with a wide array of acts like Roger Sanchez, Camelphat, Format B, Luigi Rocca, Chuckie, Sidney Samson, Judge Jules, Chocolate Puma,  Todd Terry, Guru Josh Project, Ms Dynamite, Oliver Lang and D. Ramirez. Adopting a variety of roles behind the scenes, Moore has also worked in promotions with groups like Pukka Up, Hat Club, Static Delight, and Supermartxe.



Hailing from the Czech Republic, Ondray is a rising star in the international house music scene. 

A firmly established figurehead in the Czech music industry.  He has a two decade career in broadcasting, where he’s cemented his name as a leading voice of authority in electronic music.  His weekly show on the national station Evropa 2, boasts a listenership of two million people, making Ondrej Vodny the go to broadcaster for artists looking to raise their profile within the Republic. 

His profile as a highly skilled DJ, with a finger on the pulse of all things house, has seen him recruited to tour nationally with artists such as Ke$ha and Lana Del Rey.  Further afield, he’s performed at world renowned clubbing institutions such as Ibiza mainstays, Pikes and DJ Mag’s world #1 club Hï, London’s groundbreaking Ministry of Sound, Atlantis at the Palm in Dubai, NYC institution Webster Hall and St Tropez’s Hotel de Paris.  Alongside artists such as Fisher, Camelphat, Nora En Pure, Sigala, Hugel and fellow radio presenter, Danny Howard. 

 He’s gained recognition from Ibiza Club News, listed as One to Watch and won the #1 Czech DJ of the year at the highly regarded Evropa 2 Music Awards. 

 Not content with staying solely behind the decks, he’s an established producer who knows his way around the studio.  His big room, emotive house anthem “Escalate”, was picked up by Netflix for its critically acclaimed TV show, Sense 8.   

Not one to rest, he’s always keen to improve on his skills and networks internationally. In 2019, he ventured Ibiza for Orbit DJ Retreats course to further develop and hone his music production, working closely with Gorgon City and GAWP. 

Ondray has a tireless drive and unstoppable passion for music.  Constantly pushing himself and ever evolving.  You’re sure to see him popping up clubs, in a city near you soon.



Reconceptualising Ibiza’s scene with his unique parties and fresh approach to tech house, emerging DJ and producer RARa isn’t one to conform to the rules. 

Known for his landmark event series, Secret Sessions, he’s taken Ibiza by storm. Putting on bespoke pop up parties in breathtaking locations, strictly for the ‘in the know’ heads and workers.  He’s brought together the finest up and coming artists the island has to offer, with top level unannounced headliners, to resounding success. 

RARa has a die-hard love for the White Isle, investing all of his time outside of the DJ booth into his passion project, The Ibiza Bible.  A social media powerhouse for anyone into Balearic nightlife, the site’s channels are an essential portal into all of the best events that Ibiza has to offer. 

 With a feel-good, upbeat style, RARa knows how to read the crowd both as a challenging artist and a party curator. Cementing himself in the Ibiza club scene, RARa has had the privilege of playing some of the islands best venues including Amnesia, Octan and palace of decadence Pikes.  Playing alongside acts like Michael Bibi, Detlef, and Darius Syrossian.



Hailing from the birthplace of house music, Chicago.  Redux Saints is an act that embodies the genres true original energy, whilst constantly looking to the future of the sound, pushing its boundaries and harnessing a natural gift for production and creativity.

Jason Trevor Miller is the visionary behind Redux Saints, a moniker he unleashed in 2015.  The project draws inspiration from a wide range of sounds and eras from across the house music spectrum.  It’s a versatile, yet highly current take on the genre, that has seen support from an array of the scenes most noted performers.  From house mainstays such as Erick Morillo, Pete Tong and Fatboy Slim, to tech house pioneers Mark Knight, Riva Starr and D. Ramirez, to big room techno heavyweights, Carl Cox and Nic Fanciulli. 

His music has got the attention of leading record labels, which has seen him release on CR2, Toolroom, Shanghaied and Stealth.  With such creativity, the natural progression has taken him to create his own imprint, Deep Tech Los Angeles Records, named after the city he currently resides.  The label serves as a platform for him to showcase more of his extensive back catalogue and music from up and coming act’s he’s discovered whilst playing around the world and on his Frisky Radio Show.

Since moving to the City of Angels, he’s taken its vibrant underground warehouse scene by storm.  Firmly cementing his reputation as one of the city’s go to DJs for tech house and melodic techno.  His skills behind the decks have seen him tour some of the world’s most exciting places to play, from the iconic Burning Man festival, London’s Ministry of Sound, Amsterdam’s ADE conference to some of Spain’s most beautiful spots, in Barcelona and Ibiza’s legendary palace of excess, Pikes.

Having accomplished so much, in such a short space of time. It’s clear that his music speaks for itself and his live performances always deliver the goods.



DJ & Producer originating from Leeds UK, Rickie DH has created his own unique flair on house and techno, infamous for his creative mixing abilities and captivating performances. Rickie has the skills to ignite crowds through his bold music selection and edits bringing an energetic presence to any stage.

The emerging act has adopted substantial roles through music, performing to crowds of up to 5,000 at the likes of Mint Festival, Space Ibiza, BPM Festival Europe, and supported high caliber acts such as Fatboy Slim and Sasha. 

Rickie has also promoted his own series of events including Reach, a 3000 capacity festival and hosting his own arena at the infamous Warehouse Project Manchester bringing international and local acts together, creating a sonic vision for his music community.

Recently he has taken time to work on his production which led to him being selected by Doorly for his first label signing. Dedicated to working on releases for 2020 and beyond, Rickie DH has a solid future ahead.



Flying under the radar, Ross Howard uses fundamental concepts of happiness to translate into both his production and electrifying DJ sets. Hoping to create memorable experiences for audiences around the globe. 

Howard focuses on bringing an influential combination of house and techno. With an appreciation for the greats like Chus and Ceballos, David Penn, Darius Syrossian, Howard represents the principles of what it takes to be a triumphant curator. 

The London-based act has brought his energetic sound to Defected Sessions and a number of UK based venues. Recent single “Orbit” samples from funk favorite “Funky Town”, demonstrating Howard’s superb musicality in his creative process. Howard also dominates the techno space. A recent mix, “Keep Kontrol: Techno Space Mix 001” explores his delicate control in navigating hard techno and sonically expansive records. 



Direct from the lush rainforest hinterlands of Byron Bay, TAYA. is one of the Australian electronic music scene's brightest stars.

Fresh from a European summer in Berlin, while relishing in the big wins of Circus Recordings and Doorly remix competitions, 2019 was a watershed year for this fast-rising talent. He enters the new year and decade as one of Australia's most in-demand producers, DJs, and sonic innovators.

With releases on Yousef's Circus Recordings, Gorgon City's Realm Records, Doorly's Reptile Dysfunction, and Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi's Outta Limits alongside Aussie favourites Bassic, Recovery Collective and Open Records, his formidable production prowess can't be denied. 

Add to this with DJ shows both across Australia and abroad, including at the 2019 ICONYC & Krafted showcase at Amsterdam Dance Event, Pikes in Ibiza, Twisted Frequency in New Zealand, Subculture in New Caledonia, and Jenja in Bali. While the mighty Aussie festivals include Splendour In The Grass, Earth Frequency, Rabbits Eat Lettuce and Bohemian Beatfreaks -- there is no doubt Taya is one of Australia's hottest talents.

To top it off, TAYA. has seen support from world-class DJs and producers Carl Cox, Damian Lazarus, and Yousef, to name a few. With the list ever-growing.

The best bit? TAYA. is one of the nicest, most passionate guys in show business and it shows, both behind the decks and in his diverse, forward-thinking production output.



With a flair for funky, deep, and dubbed music, Hailing from Galway, Ireland, Tom Walsh has a huge passion for the industry and a desire to be a high quality artist, playing in the world’s leading clubs and venues. A self-proclaimed party initiator, the up and coming DJ and producer is driven to create a solid connection with fans. 

A consistent artist both in and out of the studio, Walsh focuses on creating transcendent dance music that can be applicable both on the dancefloor and in daily life. 

Walsh has played alongside Ibiza favorite Marcelo Demarco, and gained notoriety with his Get Down party based in Galway. Focused on promoting local and international DJs from all across the music spectrum, Get Down has become a local source for upcoming electronic acts. 

Walsh has also debuted as a resident with Ibiza hotspots BayBar Beach Club and Urban Lounge Ibiza, whilst also playing regularly in venues such as Ibiza Rocks Bar and Shenanigans Ibiza.  On home soil, he has also played the famous "The Spiral Session" which is a rite of passage for many Irish and visiting International DJ’s.



House aficionado Tim Nice is a long-standing veteran of the electronic music scene.  An established professional both in the DJ booth and in the studio.  These skills have led him to perform across the globe and released on some of the most highly revered record labels.

Tim has been honing his craft for over twenty years.  He’s an artist at the top of his game; a label owner of Tall House Digital, a prolific producer releasing under numerous production aliases including his latest venture, Bronx Cheer and now as an in-demand DJ, Tim Nice.

His tracks have gained support across major platforms, including regular plays on the UK’s leading station, BBC Radio 1.  His peers Roger Sanchez, Danny Tenaglia, Steve Mac, Robert Owens, Shadow Child and DJ Dan to name a few, are all regular supporters of his music.  Tim has clocked up releases on King Street, InStereo, Black Rock, Morehouse and House sessions to name a few.  He’s gained recognition by being voted in Traxsource House and Jackin’ House top 100 artists, regularly hitting the Soulful House, House, Jackin House and Tech House charts.   These accolades and chart breaking releases all outline his diverse sound and stand testament to his unique sound and approach to making music.

Tim is just as comfortable behind the decks as he is in the studio.  His enigmatic performances and ability to read a crowd have ensured he’s a regular on the festival and club circuit, throughout his native home in the UK and across Europe, playing alongside acts such as Solardo, Pete Tong, Camelphat and Claptone at iconic venues such as Ibiza’s Pikes and Ibiza Rocks. Hailed by Doorly as “A DJ that can play any room”.  He’s got that rare gift of being a truly versatile and adaptable, yet highly specialist performer.



A slave to the rhythm, Triple 888 is purveyor of soul-driven house and techno. Playing at venues and festivals like Stereosonic Festival, Anza Club, and Conservatory Rooftop, the Australian DJ has also been the supporting act for Wankelmut and D-Unity. 

For the emerging act, music wasn’t just a choice but something she had to inarguably pursue. Her strong desire to create has driven her to pursue compositions within genres of House, Techno, and G-House. Inspired by childhood records, Triple 888 is a standalone act that has channeled her influences into making original records. 

Shaped by her entrepreneurial spirit, Triple 888 has gone on to create her own record label Prime 888, along with promotion agency Prime 888 Movement, and the music app Club 888. Her label has brought to light Perth based talents, further solidifying Triple 888’s ability to curate and discover talent. Her deep cuts and knowledge as a DJ has led her to aim high and dream big for herself, sharing passion with the audience she adores.